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Auto Services

We provide service for domestic and foreign vehicles. Additionally we also offer towing services to help you get your car safely to our shop for timely repairs. Check out some of our auto services below, and call us today to schedule an appointment for the shop.

Computer Diagnostics


As vehicles become more and more technologically equipped it is important to find an auto shop that has the tools and technology to diagnose in find potential problems quickly. We provide computer diagnostics to ensure your car, truck, or SUV is functioning properly, and that it’s sensors and other computer technology is operating as it should.

Pre-Purchase / Pre-trip Inspections

Are you looking into buying a used car? Give us a call for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure your investment is truly worth while.

Additionally we perform pre trip inspections which allow you to know your car or truck or SUV is ready for the long road ahead. We’ll check your tire pressure, your oil levels, other necessary fluids, your lights and more.

Custom High-Performance Exhaust Work

Our custom high performance exhaust work allows for your engine to “breathe” better. We can bend and fabricate the pipes to fit your car or trucks frame to make it as efficient as possible.

Other Auto Repair Solutions

We also perform the following repairs on cars, trucks, vans and SUVs

• Clutch repair or replacement
• Electrical work
• Engine work
• Fuel system checks
• Oil replacement

• Transmission work
• Tune-ups
• Break repair and or replacement
• Steering and suspension repair
• Air conditioning repair

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